Ginior is the central world located within the Etherium, thus also making it the center point of the Ethereal Chain. Ginior was created in secret by the Immortal Abaddon. At the time of its creation, it was a world of pure unbridled chaos. In the aftermath of The Blight the world was ushered into a new age by the Immortal Matriarch Hestial

The world of Ginior is mostly comprised of water. The available landmass is divided among six continents. Across these continents spans all ranges of environments and climates from the hot and dry deserts, to arctic snowcaps.

Medias (Me-dee-os) – The most diverse continent in terms of climate and land mass. Many believe this to be a result of the heavy influence of the Blight. It is the great melting pot of the continents. Many races have taken up homes here in the thousands of years since The Blight

Gelida (He-lee-da) – Gelida is the frozen tundra to the south, it has an arctic climate and rugged, mountainous terrain. Before The Blight it was the least hospitable of all the land masses. It is the ancestral home of the Gnarus, although there are very few that still inhabit the desolate wasteland of frost and snow.

Inferus (In-fear-us) – Inferus, the continent to the Southeast of Medias, has a temperate climate similar to that of its Northern neighbor. It is the homeland of the Umbran and home to many human settlements as well.

Boreas (Boar-ee-Ahs) – Boreas was once a land of peace and plenty, the original homeland to the Saxum and Sagax. After the Blight, all the natural inhabitants of the continent were forced out. Now only feral corrupted creatures inhabit those forsaken lands.

Rimor (Ree-more) – A hot and humid landscape, composed mostly of vast barren desert and high mountains of sandstone. Rimor is the homeland of the Inculta and the original home to the ancient djinn.

Austellus (Ow-Ste-Loose) – Largely composed of flat plains and grasslands, dotted with forests and sprawling meadows. Austellus is the homeland of the Rin and the Lepus. There are many Arborn who took up residence here in smaller communities after The Blight.

The Fractures – Originally going by the name of Croceus (Crow-sey-us), now known only as ‘The Fractures’. The original land mass was split thousands of years ago before the Blight. History tells us this was the result of the first conflict between the Immortals.


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