The Everblight

There are few who know of the origins of the Everblight, the ever present corruption to the northern reaches of Ginior, kept at bay by the magical barrier that contains it. For many, the northern reaches of the world have always been known as the 'Blighted Lands'. Whether or not they have seen these lands or the wall, everyone knows of the Everblight. There are some who have never ventured far enough to have witnessed the corruption first hand. They may only know of the great wall of Hestials Embrace and the army that man it, The Blighted Vigil.

Although many do their best to keep a great distance from the Everblight, there are those who have sought to go beyond the wall and investigate the strange phenomenon. Some information has been gleaned from those brave souls willing to risk their lives to study the effects of the Blighted Lands. What has become known to the Vigil is that the Everblight is a product of pure unbridled magic. Although not inherently malevolent, the effects of this magic seem to vary. The only consistent thing is that the magic alters all within it to some degree. 

Some creatures have seemed to benefit from the effects of this magic such as the Arborn and the Sagax, while others have suffered such as the Saxum. The land has also been permanently warped by this incredible force. Any creature that remains exposed to the Everblight for too long becomes affected by it. There are variances in how long it will take for subjects to be affected, and just how they will change. Some creatures have even shown an immunity to the effects of the Everblight though little is understood as to why.

The most common result of exposure to the corruption is the creation of 'Revenants'. Creatures that have become infused and warped by the twisted and powerful magic.

The Everblight

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