Session Three: Deep Below

The party found themselves beneath the earth, inside the cavern in the aftermath of the immortals death. After further investigation they verified that their original entrance had been collapsed and they must find an alternative route. Upon further interrogation from Irka, the captive vampire revealed very little about his masters, however the party did discover that the masked figures were to some extent immortal. Realizing however that the discordant vampire would not be of further use, Irka ended his wretched life. As they investigated their surroundings further, the party stumbled upon a secret stair that led them further into the bowels of the edifice. Reaching the bottom they were confronted by several darkened hallways, however, further investigation yielded a switch that erected several barriers, separating the party into three groups.
Throughout their exploration, the groups found that this forgotten place may have at one point been the lost halls to ancient Saxum. They soon discovered however that these halls, like those above, were indeed occupied. Handily defeating their foes through clever strategy, they found a pair of strange keys that opened secreted doorways leading into a singular large room. Passing through the thresholds, the party members converged once more, only to find they had entered into what appeared to be a prison. Contained within the room were several barriers constructed into small cells, each containing a plethora of abominations outnumbering them ten to one. 



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