Session Four: Up in Smoke

Having converged at the center of the underground facility, the party found themselves in a strange prison containing several imprisoned abominations. Upon further investigation into the labyrinth, they discovered a vast library filled with an assortment of ancient tomes and knowledge. While some chose to peruse this collection, the other members of the party continued to search for a way out. Locating a large pair of doors at the end of the library, they noticed a similar symbol they had encountered previously. With Beryl's knowledge of ancient Saxum architecture, he was able to deduce that the doors were controlled by a command word and would be locked to anyone without it.

Searching through the previous rooms, they managed to find the pass phrase scrawled upon a piece of parchment in a lockbox. When they finally managed to open the door, they found that they were not alone in the facility. Occupying the next room were several vampires as well as a mysterious cloaked figure, seemingly busy with a series of experiments. In addition, Lusurfer, whom was the one to lead the charge, noticed that Marl was lying unconscious in their custody. The mysterious Umbran, believing the party to be working with the Immortals, let Lusurfer enter and examine Marl. Lusurfer could determine all that was left of Marl was the hollow shell of his stone body. After further interrogation however, it became clear to the Umbran that these new arrivals were not allies, but intruders. Hastily, the man commanded that his servants destroy all the evidence of their work and kill the intruders. After which he promptly fled the lab through a secret doorway.

After a grueling fight with the vampires as well as the horde of imprisoned abominations set loose, and a rampaging flesh golem, the party was able to escape. Unable to recover Marls body due to the distruction caused by the vampires, the party found an escape shaft and were able to find their way back to the surface. Able to breath freely once again, they find themselves deep in the forest but much further away from their camp than before. Now they must make their way back and decide what to do with the new knowledge they have discovered.



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