Session Four: Up in Smoke

Having converged at the center of the underground facility, the party found themselves in a strange prison containing several imprisoned abominations. Upon further investigation into the labyrinth, they discovered a vast library filled with an assortment of ancient tomes and knowledge. While some chose to peruse this collection, the other members of the party continued to search for a way out. Locating a large pair of doors at the end of the library, they noticed a similar symbol they had encountered previously. With Beryl's knowledge of ancient Saxum architecture, he was able to deduce that the doors were controlled by a command word and would be locked to anyone without it.

Searching through the previous rooms, they managed to find the pass phrase scrawled upon a piece of parchment in a lockbox. When they finally managed to open the door, they found that they were not alone in the facility. Occupying the next room were several vampires as well as a mysterious cloaked figure, seemingly busy with a series of experiments. In addition, Lusurfer, whom was the one to lead the charge, noticed that Marl was lying unconscious in their custody. The mysterious Umbran, believing the party to be working with the Immortals, let Lusurfer enter and examine Marl. Lusurfer could determine all that was left of Marl was the hollow shell of his stone body. After further interrogation however, it became clear to the Umbran that these new arrivals were not allies, but intruders. Hastily, the man commanded that his servants destroy all the evidence of their work and kill the intruders. After which he promptly fled the lab through a secret doorway.

After a grueling fight with the vampires as well as the horde of imprisoned abominations set loose, and a rampaging flesh golem, the party was able to escape. Unable to recover Marls body due to the distruction caused by the vampires, the party found an escape shaft and were able to find their way back to the surface. Able to breath freely once again, they find themselves deep in the forest but much further away from their camp than before. Now they must make their way back and decide what to do with the new knowledge they have discovered.

Session Three: Deep Below

The party found themselves beneath the earth, inside the cavern in the aftermath of the immortals death. After further investigation they verified that their original entrance had been collapsed and they must find an alternative route. Upon further interrogation from Irka, the captive vampire revealed very little about his masters, however the party did discover that the masked figures were to some extent immortal. Realizing however that the discordant vampire would not be of further use, Irka ended his wretched life. As they investigated their surroundings further, the party stumbled upon a secret stair that led them further into the bowels of the edifice. Reaching the bottom they were confronted by several darkened hallways, however, further investigation yielded a switch that erected several barriers, separating the party into three groups.
Throughout their exploration, the groups found that this forgotten place may have at one point been the lost halls to ancient Saxum. They soon discovered however that these halls, like those above, were indeed occupied. Handily defeating their foes through clever strategy, they found a pair of strange keys that opened secreted doorways leading into a singular large room. Passing through the thresholds, the party members converged once more, only to find they had entered into what appeared to be a prison. Contained within the room were several barriers constructed into small cells, each containing a plethora of abominations outnumbering them ten to one. 

Session Two: Into Darkness

Having arrived at the impact site, the party did not find what they expected. Pascal deduced that the meteorite had somehow buried itself deep below the earth upon impact. As the workers set about making camp just outside the perimeter, Pascal set about planning a new extraction course for the following morning. The party also set about putting up defenses and helping make camp for the night. Upon daybreak, Pascal was found observing the crater and it was discovered that a few of the men as well as Marl were missing. As the workers set about eating and discussing things, Pascal pulled the party aside. He informed the party that he had sent Marl and a few members of the crew ahead to scout out the hole during the night, a mission they did not return from. The party was then tasked with investigating the disappearance and bring the men back, for which they would be rewarded.
The party reluctantly agreed and set about exploring the cavernous space below the impact site. Upon entering the deep below, the party found more than they expected. Instead of a meteorite, they discovered a large hidden edifice secreted away in the rocky underground. As Irka scouted ahead, it became apparent that something or someone had been dragged through the subterranean vault. As the party continued to explore deeper they soon discovered that this place was an ancient crypt. Through determination and clever deduction, not only were the party able to solve the locking mechanism behind the central chamber, but in doing so discovered the fate of the missing exploration team.
Upon entering the central chamber they discovered a couple dark masked figures with a captive celestial as well as a horde of monstrous abominations. As they cut down the ranks of monstrosities in their path, they also dealt handily with the mysterious captors attempting to keep them at bay. Although the figures did manage to escape in lieu of fatal blows, the party managed to capture a vampiric servant by the name of ‘Seventeen’. Further interrogation revealed little other than the fractured mental and physical state of the vampire. The party decided to bind him for the time being as they might have further use for him later.
They released the celestial from her prison only to discover that the damage she had suffered from the torment of her captors was too great. With her dying breath she imparted a message to Beryl and entreated the party to deliver her warning to Whitehaven. When she had delivered her final words, she disappeared into light and was gone. Before the party had any time to consider all they had witnessed, they heard a massive rumbling echoing from back down the corridors to the entrance. Once the noise had finished, they realized that they were now sealed inside the crypt.

Session One: Into the Woods
Bats Eat Owls

The party began in the town of Bedeven, spending the night in the inn after having successfully completed their previous mission. Through the black of the night a few of the party members observed a star fall from the sky off in the distance. Though some were more excited to go and investigate this strange phenomenon, you had a task to set out for in the morning. Under the employ of the Unnamed Brotherhood, you had a paying client waiting for you two days hence to the South in Esteval.

After a few days travel you reached the town of Esteval where your new employer resided. A Sagax by the name of Pascal contracted you all to provide protection to his mining and excavation endeavor, with promise of great reward contingent upon your success. As you set out on the road to the Rook Wood you noticed that there were some peculiarities about your surroundings. Accompanied by the strange behavior of Pascal and his assistant Marl, you knew that perhaps this arrangement was too good to be true.

Thanks to the scouting efforts of your companions, you came upon a band of bandits that impeded your path. At the behest of your enraged employer, You set upon this group of brigands with haste. Making quick work of their ranks, although not without your share of bruises, you triumphed over your foes. After which you discovered that Pascal had hidden the details about his previous encounter with these bandits from you. Although infuriated about this omission, you reluctantly agree to continue, however you will be glad when this endeavor is put to an end.

As you reach the supposed excavation site, you come upon a large impact site, about one mile in diameter. As Pascal excitedly rushed over to meet his prize, he, as well as all of you were surprised at what you found. Instead of the expected meteorite, all you found was a gaping hole burrowing deep beneath the earth at the center of this massive crater. Clearly this assignment is not as easy as you thought, you can only hope that at the end of this the payment will be worth the effort.


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